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✿And in the end, the love you take✿
✿is equal to the love you make✿

Anonymous asked: what you listening to right now babe?

magical mystery tour (album) - beatles

it gives me intense chills and just wow 

New Blog!

Hello lovely tumblr friends! I’ve made a new blog for all things fashion, so that I can post all my clothing dreams in one area instead of on my main blog. I would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it if you followed it! You can find it at
This doesn’t mean I will be posting less on my main blog, by the way! I absolutely love tumblr and my posts will still be as frequent as they are now.

Hello to everyone out there seeing this by the way, I’d like to say lastly thanks for following me. You are the and without all you guys I probably wouldn’t carry on with tumblr however I have so many followers now, way more than I ever imagined and it’s so great to think there are people out there who love all the things you do.